SuperMesher. I like but ...

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SuperMesher. I like but ...

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Very usefull Plugin, but I had many problems wiht my production character test, first I follow the tutorial and was ok, wow I really loved, is all I need, I said, but when I test many scenes in deep, I saw the SuperMesher cache grow a lot 900 mb for incorrect cache, I saw the cache is too slow on Core i7 3.33 Ghz for my 35 mb character. Another problem was to try write mr proxys from SuperMesher cache, only write the first frame correctly for the whole animation, I think is easy to fix them. I hope you checked and fix some problems and you will have a new fan here. and sorry for my English
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As it turns out, there was a bug that was exclusive the demo version which caused massive cache sizes (over 100x larger in some cases). We have updated the demo version with a fix for this bug. Please give it another try.

Many thanks,
Mathew Kaustinen
Boomer Labs
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