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Source list

Post by joel_lelievre »

Allowing for a shift-select for entries in the source list sure would makes things easier. Removing items 1 at a time can be time consuming. :)
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Post by jrandom »

Hey Joel you can via maxscript:

To remove all:

theMesher = $SuperMesher001
theMesher.nodelist = #()

To remove scene selected objects:

For Example you have a Box, Teapot, Cylinder, Torus. All but the Torus are within the SuperMesher compound. Select all or any of them and run the script below. If they are within the SM compound they will be removed.

theMesher = $SuperMesher001
theSelection = selection as array
for i in theSelection do
theMesher.removeObjects i

There is pretty decent mxs exposure in this plugin :)

It would not be hard to script up a multi-listbox to do this exact thing.
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