[REQUEST] Expose more MaxScript methods

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[REQUEST] Expose more MaxScript methods

Post by Jmon »


As the title says, it would be great to have more functions exposed to MaxScript, especially:

- <boolean>Save <string>Filename
>> This would save the current opened vexus file to a new filename

- <boolean>SaveIncrement()
>> This would save the current file as an incremental version

- <boolean>IsFileOpened <string>Filename
>> This would check if the given fileName is opened in Vexus

- <boolean>Close()
>> Closes the Vexus window linked to this 3dsmax (closes the process actually)

- <boolean>NewProject()
>> Closes the current Vexus project, and open a blank project

Those functions are already there I think, if not much trouble, please consider this request :D
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Re: [REQUEST] Expose more MaxScript methods

Post by boomer »

To be clear, these are maxscript methods that when called modify the Vexus editor?

Can you elaborate on the use case? There is risk here that a user could call customMXS node in vexus which would, in turn, modify the Vexus session while executing.
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