submit fast render from Shot.

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submit fast render from Shot.

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Hi there!

We are already doing some jobs with Vexus, is awesome. very stable even with endless passes. But there is a couple of things that make our workflow a bit tedious. Lets see I can explain myself with a simple example.

If I have a BASE pass, and a BG pass plugged in the Cut_01, and also Cut_02 but that Cut_02 has a difference added at SHOT level. for instance different lights.
I have no way to submit the BG as a fast render with that modification applied.
The only way is to unplug the BASE and then lunch the fast render from the Cut_02 node. is it? or I'm missing something.
This workaround is not so convenient when we have 20 cuts or 20.
A possible solution could be a "submit fast render" in the SHOTS tab. ?? :)

And toguether with that problem is the fact that when submitting from PASS level to check the material, if previously with a switch I don't deactivate the "save file" option, will create a file in a folder called SHOTS because won't pick up the SHOT name in the PASS node, of course.

RPM had this submit preview option, that you could do renders without caring that they will overwrite something. I kinda miss that option in vexus. Have to be very carefull when I submit some test renders to turn off the savers.
Maybe here is a workflow problem, could I use a different method maybe?

Not the "save file option" but at least the creation of this unwanted PASS folder could be eliminated adding this "submit fast render" in the SHOTS tab ? No idea, No developer myself :) so maybe you already have something else in mind or directly I'm using it wrong.

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