Vexus - Octane Render

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Vexus - Octane Render

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I tried Vexus demo some time back.
Did not give it a fair attempt back then, so since the need for a renderpass manager is still here, i am back to try it again.

I went trough the youtube videos wich is a really easy and good way to start learning Vexus basics.

Now i want to start creating my own custom nodes specific for octane.
As i can see Vexus only support Octane render passes and not the rendersettings itself like in forinstance Vray.

Would be much appreciated if some one could point me in the right direction to start reading more about how i can manualy manipulate thoes settings with vexus.
If at all possible that is.

PS: I am still on DEMO so if there is limitations, pleas call it out :)

Thank you
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