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Idea of „Create preview animation” to a Vexus node

Posted: Mon Sep 11, 2017 11:52 pm
by MariuszStoryline

Very often I had to make a lot of camera layout previews of same scene with multiple cameras and diffrent time range
and I felt vexus can make this process way less tidious.

Maybe a way to solve multicam preview generation automatisation this would be implement
some 3dmax build in „Create preview animation” to a Vexus nodes and graphs ?
If that would be possible to control this tool through vexus then I could generate locally or submit to deadline multiple previews with
different cameras, frame range , output and burned-in informations on left top corner (like name of camera, name of max file, frames, etc)


How much that may take and how difficult it is?

Maybe another way to solve that would be a implementation of Quicksilver render ( native 3ds max nitrous viewport based engine) in to a Vexus graph and add some option to burn-in some text on top of renders?