Control of Pitch and Trigger in the Track View

Control of Pitch and Trigger in the Track View

Postby Ganymedes » Tue Dec 05, 2006 12:12 pm

Hi everyone

I'm having some issues with Foley Studio Max and the control of Pitch in the track view; The pitch is controlled by a script controller, and the emitter is an Omni. When Trigger is set to (any) Collision Event, the Pitch changes correctly according to the Script Controller. But when Trigger is set to Track View, the Pitch stays constant at 1.0 -- The controller is ignored, both in the Preview and Render. Trigger is animated with a Bezier Float Controller/keyframes (which works fine).

...Which actually brings me to another minor issue: Is it possible to control the Trigger track with a script controller? I tried, but both Preview and Render ignores it. I can always collapse the controller or use scripts that writes the keyframes, but to only have to deal with the script itself would simplify things a bit.

Anyway: I want to control both Pitch and Trigger with track controllers, but right now it seems I can only do one of them at a time per emitter. If there are certain limitations on what controllers can and cannot be used, it would be nice if it was mentioned in the manual.

I'm using FSM 2.30A ( ... has any newer versions been released? I saw version 2.31 mentioned somewhere around here). I'm using 3ds Max 8 SP3.

Stein Ove Sorlie

PS: An upgrade for max 9 would be great! :D
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    Postby boomer » Thu Dec 07, 2006 12:18 pm


    Thank you for your note. We are looking into your bug submission. In the mean time, please check your private message box for the download link for FSM v2.31E.

    Can you please verify that the bug you are seeing exists in this build as well?


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    Postby Ganymedes » Sun Dec 10, 2006 4:15 pm


    Unfortunately, going from 2.30A to 2.31E has introduced another error, while the existing errors remains.... In my test scene I have an effector colliding with an Omni, and the collisions happens at an increasingly quicker pace. The Pitch (still controlled by a script) starts out correct, but at some point where the collisions happens every ~5 frame the Pitch "jumps" down to 1, as if the renderer suddenly decides to ignore the script. As the period between collisions subsequently increases, the pitch returns to it's correct values. This happens in both the Preview and Final render.

    I think I'm going back to version 2.30A :) It does what I need it to, but it would of course be nice if I didn't have to collapse to keyframes all the time.

    Good luck bug hunting
    Stein Ove Sorlie
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