CRITICAL ERROR / BUG report on vraySettings

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CRITICAL ERROR / BUG report on vraySettings

Postby alteredgene » Thu Sep 26, 2019 5:47 am

Hi team, i actually encountered this a while ago (about 6 months ago), but was in the middle of production so didn't have the mindset to report it here.
seems this bug/issue still exists on the latest build, so thought i report it in.


i think its caused by the [bucket_width] and [bucket_height] parameter being set to zero, they should at least default to the [bucket_size] parameter.
this will actually cause quite a serious error on vRay, it will just fail with a warning message first time, but will hard crash 3ds max second on second attempt. and unless a user fixes this (either by directly accessing this via maxscript, or loading a different render profile), the file will be not renderable.


another BUG report i wanted to make was regarding Irradiance map settings.

on vRayAdvanced node
under GI - Irradiance map

this should be able to take in integer 1 (and 0), but right now, its range is fixed to minimum 2.

in render settings this can go down to 0.

the second one is a minor issue, but would be awesome if it can be looked into.

there were few of these kind of smaller bugs in different places, i will report more of them in one go as i find them ; )

thanks team!
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Re: CRITICAL ERROR / BUG report on vraySettings

Postby boomer » Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:58 am

Thanks for the catch. This is fixed and will appear in the next maintenance release.
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