Render elements output

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Render elements output

Post by Dmush »

Hey all,

I'm new to Vexus so I apologize if this question is basic.

I need my render elements to be saved separately in a folder for each one of the in every pass.
I tried doing so with the common parameters node but it was unsuccessful.
I was wondering if there's a node that can control the output FilePath for them, this is not something I would like to do manually for every element.

Thank you
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Re: Render elements output

Post by ignacio »

vray has an option to save on separate folders but I think Vexus doesn't let you edit it yet.
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Re: Render elements output

Post by boomer »


Have you tried using tokens for the Output Filepath and include $$PASS in the path name? For example:


Would create a unique folder for each pass and render element.
Mathew Kaustinen
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