using token or variable for parameters

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using token or variable for parameters

Postby alteredgene » Mon Apr 01, 2019 1:35 am

Hi guys! just bought the vexus and loving it!

Q1 using tokens to control integer / float parameter ------------------------------

was wondering if there is way of using TOKENS or some kind of variable to set integer / float parameters.

for example, i wanted to have a way of controlling vray max Subdiv for testing and final.

i guess i could go around by making two vRay node, but was hoping if there is a way of plugging a token or a wire to specific parameters (non string).

Q2 using custom nodes --------------------------------------------------------------------

i read the forums, and seems the custom nodes are not intended for prime time use?
however, i was finding this node quite effective. will this actually disappear in future?

cause i was thinking of dividing up the vRay render into few "nodes" each handling different aspects. so i could just combine those smaller chunks to better control the renderer.

there is a way of creating extra input node, is it possible to wire this input node to a specific paramter?

thanks again for a great plugin! let me know your thoughts!
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Re: using token or variable for parameters

Postby boomer » Mon Apr 01, 2019 6:04 pm


At present, tokens are only available for text fields, but we are investigating having token support for all properties (including float etc).

Regarding custom nodes, it is possible. The challenge is that you run the risk of creating them incorrectly. The library files are .xml formatted so, with a bit of study, you should be able split out nodes of interest. Just be sure to uniquely name the node class and filename.

CustomMXS/PY nodes are core to Vexus and will not be depreciated.
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Re: using token or variable for parameters

Postby alteredgene » Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:13 pm

thank you for such prompt response!

i will keep my eye out for an update with tokens. for the time being, i am using custom maxscript snippet node to do what i need to do, but would be awesome to have this feature in the future for GUI sake.

regarding custom nodes, yes, i have been experimenting with this, and ran into the exact problem you have mentioned.

basically i wanted to have layered control over vray settings, master control for GI, and independent controls for subdivs.
so i had a vray advanced node, with everything turned off but GI, and created a custom node with just the subdivs control.
it worked fine on test, but while working on production, renderer won't start with "unhandled exception" error.
took me a while to narrow it down to it being the subdiv control.

so for the time being, using max script snippet to control subdiv separately, which seems to work.

-------- follow up questions -------------

Q1 is there any way of re-arranging custom tokens? i believe TOKENS to be a key feature in vexus.
but for the time being, seems they are just stuck in order they are created. so when i realize i need another pair of TOKENS and make second pair later, they are just split apart, small UI tweak, but will go a long way when i start having 10s of custom tokens.

Q2 i am getting socket error quite often.
only fix i can find is to restart max, which is not ideal every 5 min.
not exactly sure whats triggering it, but its happening more frequently.

i have tried going to utilities and trying turning off [enable] in sockets, but once it errors out, it fails in connecting.

Q3 there is a submit button on VEXUS UI, but i am guessing its deadline? is there way of modifying this or making it work with backburner?

Thanks team! really appreciate the support!
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