Welcome to Boomer Labs

We are a company that creates plugins for Discreet's 3D Studio MAX. We are the leader in developing plugins that maximize MAX productivity by adding the dimension of sound to animation work. Our flagship products are Foley Studio MAX and Sound Trax. These products are proof that we greatly enhance 3D Studio MAX's audio capabilities.

MAX2AEFoley Studio MAXSound Trax
"Sound Trax fills a need in our workflow that no other product does. It gives our animators the flexibility to adjust audio timing to perfection during the animation phase - giving our animators increased creativity and productivity."
- Jason Greenberg, Neversoft Entertainment

"We all strive to create stunning visual content; and we so often forget the contribution that audio makes. Using Foley Studio is a powerful, in-depth, yet easy to use solution for bringing your complete imagination to the eyes and ears of your audience."
- Grayson Chalmers, Animator

"We've been using Max2AE for a number of years and it is an integral part of our workflow. Anyone who uses Max and After Effects needs this tool in their arsenal, Version 2 creates a workflow from 3D to 2D (and back again) that changes the way we think about finishing our productions. MAX2AEs impact to our workflow and creative output makes it an indispensable tool for our studio."
- Dave Thompson, Fox Sports
MAX2AE V3.7 Released!

Boomer Labs is pleased to announce that their very popular plugin MAX2AE has been upgraded to Version 3.7 to include support for 3ds max 2013, CS6 and Unicode Characters.